We offer a wide range of bespoke interventions and services to support children, young people, and families. We understand that reasons for referral can be complex and are happy to liaise with you as to the best route forward.


We can offer one-to-one mentoring sessions to support a child or young person in a wide range of areas, such as anxiety, self-esteem, improving behaviour, and more.


Our group work is designed to take place in a school, youth centre, or children's services setting. We offer a number of interventions of this nature focusing on issues such as building resilience, anger management and risky behaviours.


We offer academic and/or emotion coaching, working with a solution-focused approach to help children and young people identify and overcome obstacles and achieve manageable goals.


Our staff can be placed in schools on a half or full-day basis to work integrally as part of the school's response to and support of the needs of pupils.


Evolve Intervention can provide support to families to help address issues such as conflict, school attendance, or managing behaviour


Supporting professionals in schools and settings which work with children and young people.


Online webinars and training for parents, carers and professionals.


We often receive funding in a number of areas to help us extend our support offer. Take a look to see the help available within one of our funded schemes.


We accept referrals from any professional working with children or young people, such as teachers, pastoral workers, social workers, local authorities, and so on. As part of our standard procedure, we will come to your setting to with the child/ren you refer to us; this approach reduces the transport issues many settings face, permits us to meet with the children in a familiar environment and enables us to continue to be cost-effective in times of restricted budgets. If you would like us to deliver our interventions in a different setting then we will discuss and agree on this with you once your referral has been processed.

We are also pleased to accept referrals from parents and carers who would like us to work in a private capacity with their child/ren and will travel to your home or agreed public location (wherever the child is most comfortable) to undertake the intervention.

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