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Evolve Intervention group work is designed to take place in a school, youth work, or children's services setting. We offer several interventions of this nature for groups of up to eight children or young people at a time, including the following:

• Healthy Relationships  • Risk-Taking  • Behaviour Management  • Building Resilience
• Exam Preparation  • Self Esteem  • Taking Care of Me Project  • Managing Stress
• Mindfulness  • Coping with Transitions

Group work takes places once a week over 6-8 weeks. As with all our interventions, our team can design a group work programme suited to the needs of the children involved. However, for children with more complex issues, we recommend a smaller group. It is important to consider the dynamics of the group when making referrals to ensure that the children participating feel comfortable.

If you think Evolve Intervention group work could benefit a child or young person, get in touch with our team and we can talk you through how we can help.

• Healthy Relationships 

• Risk-Taking 

• Behaviour Management

• Building Resilience
• Exam Preparation  

• Self Esteem  

• Taking Care of Me Project  

• Managing Stress
• Mindfulness  

• Coping with Transitions

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