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We can offer one-to-one mentoring sessions to support a child or young person in any of the following areas:​

• Self Esteem  • Anger Management  • Self Harm  • Social and Communication Skills  • Identity  • Coping with Bereavement  • Managing Friendships  • Changing My Behaviour  • Overcoming Bullying  • Dealing with Anxiety  • Engaging in Risky Behaviours

This list is not exhaustive and we would be happy to discuss any queries you may have and your reasons for the referral so we can best recommend the appropriate support package.

Designed as a longer-term intervention, our mentoring sessions last between 30-60 minutes and take place once per week. Through meeting regularly, the child or young person benefits from building a strong working relationship with their mentor and having a developmental focus.

The Evolve Intervention team engage with both the referrer and the child's parent or carer throughout the process and regularly review the intervention to be sure that it is meaningful and effective. Any safeguarding concerns will be shared with the referrer if they arise and this will be explained to the child or young person.

If you think Evolve Intervention mentoring could benefit a child or young person, get in touch with our team.

• Self Esteem

• Anger Management  

• Self Harm 

• Social and Communication Skills  

• Identity  

• Coping with Bereavement 

• Managing Friendships 

• Changing My Behaviour

• Overcoming Bullying

• Dealing with Anxiety

• Engaging in Risky Behaviours

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