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Our practitioners can be placed in schools and work closely with school colleagues to identify students who may be in need of support and help to enhance the school's response to managing mental health, behaviour, and safeguarding. Placements can be for half, full, or multiple days across a term or academic year, so you can refer pupils who need support on an 'as-needed' basis.

We can provide timetabled interventions such as tuition, group work, mentoring, and coaching, as well as the option for 'drop-in' sessions at breaktimes/lunchtimes. These interventions provide an opportunity for our staff to become an integral part of the school's pastoral team, build positive working relationships with staff and students, and be available to respond to emerging issues and needs. Our team works cohesively with school colleagues to act as a team around the child.

If you would like more information as to how our Placement in Schools service could benefit your school, talk to a member of our team.

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