Q: Do you feel your wellbeing has improved as a result of this intervention? 

A: Yes, I have found solutions to my problems and talking has made it easier. It has helped a lot, even with minor problems. I am concentrating more and trying harder in lessons. 

Year 10 student, 2018

The practitioner was very effective and tried her level best to work around the year 6 timetable. She also created time to meet with myself as **'s classteacher to catch up on the progress he was making in class. The practitioner provided the best services and is highly recommended. 

Northlands Primary School, 2018

Thank you so much. I have definitely seen an improvement in **'s behaviour, he is more reflective. 

Stewards Academy, 2018

This has made such a big difference to my life, thank you! I have stopped self harming and just feel more happy and confident

Year 9 student, 2018

Thank you for everything you have done for **. In 6 weeks he went up two levels in English because of your tuitiion, has now passed his exams and feels motivated for his future. 

Parent, 2018

I would recommend mentoring to others because it helps with your choices and it has helped me a lot with my anger.

Year 7 student, 2018

My coach has really helped me because I always feel better when after I've told someone something and I learned how to cope with my emotions and sort out problems. Although some people may deny they need a bit of help, everyone does and it feels good to tell people your problems. I've stopped cutting and am happier.

Year 9 student, 2018

So many things have helped and changed. It has helped me improve on myself, so many techniques have been introduced to help me with situations I struggle in. I feel like I know how to resolve issues easier and that there is help there if I need it

Year 9 student, 2018

Q: Do you feel your wellbeing has improved as a result of this intervention? 

A: Yes, because I feel as though when something happens I can overcome it quicker. Having my coach helps me with positive thinking

Year 9 student, 2018

I've had much less panic attacks and it has helped me when I get in a lonely mood. Mentoring teaches you different techniques to help with your mental health

Year 7 student, 2018

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